"It Drives the Bucks Wild"

100% Synthetic Deer Scents & Minerals designed for hunters by hunters. Buck Wild Synthetics products are designed to attract, hold, and grow trophy whitetails on your property.     

Buck Wild Synthetic Scents are perfect for Mock Scrapes.  Start them in July so your ready to hunt them in October!

Big Buck'N Horns Mineral Attractant Grows Big Racks and keeps the Bucks coming back!!

 Our 100% Synthetic Scents have been field tested for over 15 years, and cover all phases of the Whitetail Deer Rut.  Use Buck Wild Synthetics just like you would real Doe Estrous without the risk of spreading diseases or spooking deer. Buck Wild Synthetic Scents are legal in all states that have banned the use of real Deer Urine.

Buck Wild Synthetics Big Buck'N Horns Mineral Attractant is a Molasses flavored mineral attractant that Deer Simply can not resist. Big Buck'N Horns provides both Calcium and Phosphorous for extreme antler growth.  Big Buck'N Horns is a powerful  mineral attractant that contains much more than salt.  

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Buck Wild Goal

Buck Wild Synthetics is a family owned and operated business located in West Virginia with a simple goal.  We are dedicated to manufacturing the best Synthetic Deer Scents and Minerals on the Market.  We take pride in our customer results and are driven by their results. Our products are designed to attract, hold, and grow big bucks on your farm. If your looking for a change this fall give Buck Wild Synthetics a chance to put some antlers on your wall.

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